This totally live online course (Part 2) is for homeschool students of all ages studying Algebra 1 at home. This course is a supplement to what you will be learning at home. This course is offered as a group class or one-on-one. We will go through topics found in a typical Algebra 1 Course during the seconf semester including: Quadratic Functions, Exponential Functons and Graphs, Sequences and Series, Statistics and Probability, and Regression. Students will relate what they learn to real life experiences and apply math to other subjects. This course can supplement any homeschool course. 


*Tuesday and Thursdays 2-2:55PM EST Online 1/12-5/25/2021

*Days off will be given in the course syllabus, dates may be subject to change

*This is a non-credit course but only a supplement to homeschooling in order to help students and parents with the material in a fun and engaging way. Always check with your school district in regards to specfic requirements.

*Certain books may be required/we are willing to work with your own curriculum as well.

Algebra 1 Online Homeschool Enrichment Course (Part II

$400.00 Regular Price
$325.00Sale Price
  • You can join this course with other students or we can work with you with your curriculum one-on-one with a teacher. Contact us for more specific information. 

    *Always be sure to check with your school district in regards to credits or graduation requirements. 

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