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About Us

Voyage Academics strives on being the leaders in education. In today's global, technological, and ever- changing society, it is more important than ever to be competitive. Students need the skills in order to meet the rigorous and challenging demands of our educational system, as well as so that they can share their individual potential with the world. We pride ourselves in providing our students with a personalized and holistic approach to learning. Our team works hard toward helping every individual reach their highest potential. We assist in helping one identify their interests, learning style, needs, and strengths through a personally designed approach in order to help every student be successful. 

Our goal is to be sensitive to students needs. Our educators utilize the most effective teaching strategies at the forefront of education today. What sets us apart is our individualized learning strategies, global technology, multi-modal approaches, active learning plans, differentiated instruction, constructive guidance, positive feedback, meaningful/engaging learning, interdisciplinary teaching, and learning connectivity. Teachers are facilitators and students should be nurtured in a positive learning environment to help students grow creatively. We want our students to develop communication, questioning, analytical, logical, assessment, planning, problem solving, reflection/discussion, exploration, and student skills. 

As master educators and researchers, Voyage Academics was created to help students and parents obtain an experience that is unmatched. We thrive on the individual attention that we provide every client. We believe strongly in student/teacher mentorship where every student will develop into a lifelong learner. We are sensitive to students needs and we want to be their every step of the way in order to help them exhibit confidence, motivation, strength, growth, achievement, and performance. We want to help every individual reach their dreams and/or discover their highest potential. We provide the attention to detail, guidance, communicative skills, and quality service that will help one on their journey. We offer a full-range of educational and concierge services from college consulting and planning, test preparation, online/mobile and in-home tutoring, live webinars, online courses, music/art lessons, as well as career/business coaching. We want every student to feel the joy of being accepted into their dream college, passing that next difficult course/test, creating a stunning resume to help one obtain that next job, writing a beautiful essay, working with a tutor to help a child overcome his or her academic obstacles, being the next entrepreneur, taking an online course for fun and exploration, developing ones study skills to tackle homework, as well as creating achievement so that every person can be successful is this demanding and competitive world. 

In today's competitive world, everything is centered around education. We want to connect the world through personalized education and online learning. Our multiple new approaches to learning and instruction will help one get ahead when entering the global world. We provide each individual with the tools and skills needed to be well-prepared based on ones talents, gifts, skills. learning style, and personality. It is imperative that we start linking education to the skills that are needed in today's job market. Individuals need the skills and education to be college, job, trade, and real-world ready. It is becoming more common today that individuals are not prepared from the transition in relation to high school to college/trade school and from college/trade school to the real-world job market. Too many students, employees, and employers are not able to utilize and/or learn new skills that they need in order to adapt to the constantly evolving educational, financial, technological, business, and competitive career global marketplace. 

In today's society, every individual faces tremendous pressure from business, school, classes, and college. In order to be successful today, one must center themselves on being technologically, academically, and educationally diverse. One must obtain a multitude of skills and global awareness in order to face the challenges in our world today; pushing forward in order to get ahead. There are substantial challenges, but no one has to do it alone. One has to be able to discover their innate talents, abilities, skills, and gifts, and find a way to utilize these distinctive qualities. That is why Voyage Academics focuses so highly on student-centered learning where one can take control of their own learning. It is imperative to use components such as technology and global learning to reach ones highest potential. Every students has the gift to achieve. 


50 years of

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A perfect blend of knowledge, experience, talent, creativity, innovation, credentials, passion, technology, and innovation. 

A holistic, student-centered, and integrated approach to learning. Our qualified academic instructors, consultants/coaches, and mentors will meet every individual need. 

Our team prides itself on providing the most effective ways to learn, being easy to understand, utilizing personality matching, being effective listeners, as well as great communicators. We know that we can help you reach the results/grades and potential that you need in order to achieve. A proven methodology and model that works!

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