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It's Time to Learn Something New. Explore a New Interest or Hobby. 

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Voyage Academics understands that our global world is changing and that it is more important than ever to be competetive. Online learning helps us obtain those skills, but we also realize that it is a fun and exciting way to learn a new skill and/or information. Self-education and distance learning is extremely important because it provides us with the power to explore, learn, build, accomplish, and discover new and exciting things. Why not take an online course and learn online?

We got you covered!

  • Learn What You Want and When You Want. Learn it in the Comfort of Your Own Home

  • Taking an Online Course Can Be Beneficial on a Job Resume!

  • Go at Your Own Pace/Anytime

  • Online Learning is Flexible/Relevant; Learn on Your Time

  • Take Your Time! It is ok to Make Mistakes. No one is Judging

  • Personalized and Individualized Learning

  • Real-Time Access

  • Better Learning Environment. Positive Feedback

  • Improve Your Skills/Career Advancement

  • Online Learning/Distance Education Empowers Interaction

  • Lower Cost/Affordable

  • Great for Individual Learning and Businesses

  • Online Learning Platform/Innovative Technology

  • Be Competetive an a Constantly Changing Economy

  • Be a Part of the Global Learning Community/Get Connected

Take LIVE or Pre-Recorded Courses in Health, Fitness, Photography, Writing, Nutrition, Yoga, Music, Wine, Cooking, Nature, Business, Painting, Social Media, Academics, Languages, and Much More!


We offer online courses for all individuals. We have courses available for kids, college students, adults, and seniors. Online Courses are for all levels, from beginner to advanced learners, ranging from a wide variety of topics, skills, hobbies, and interests. 

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The Online Learning Advantage

  • Flexibility to take what you want in order to learn a new skill, start a new hobby, or to strengthen your skills

  • Lower costs than traditional one-on-one tutoring or in-person classes/courses

  • Top quality courses from the comfort and convenience of your home or office based on your time table 

  • Learn from top educators and instructors

  • Enhanced communication and one-on-one access to your instructors

  • Receive the individual attention that you deserve

  • Discover a new interest or hobby/build on a skill or talent

  • Multiple learning styles and styles of engagement

  • Positive and stress-free environment

  • Access to LIVE or Pre-Recorded Courses/Classes, Webinars, Live-streaming, Seminars/Workshops

  • New courses and Instructors are constantly being added

Online learning continues to be influential and part of the mainstream. Online learning/global education in the fields of academia, business, hobbies/interests, and in relation to personal use has steadily increased over the years. 

74% of companies now use online learning platforms in order to train and educate employees and over 77% of online corporations use  it. 80% of employers also use some form of online education/training. The use of online learning in corporations has increased by 13% per year as of 2017. The online global education market has reached over 100 billion dollars as of 2017, and continues to grow each year. Global learning has grown by 9.2%. 

Today, about 40% of students have taken at least one online course and over 50% of classes deliver some type of online learning, which has steadily increased based on the demand. There are 5.8 million students enrolled in online courses. Colleges and schools have recognized that online learning/classes, as well as technology increase student attention, retention, and engagement. Over 4,600,00 college students take at least one course online and have found that it has increased knowledge retention by 25%-60%. In addition, many degrees can be taken solely online. The virtual classroom has become extremely important to both academic institutions and businesses as well. There are almost 7 million students enrolled in online courses. 

Approximately 70% of instructors feel that online learning tools are vital to their teaching both in online and in person learning. About 71% of students feel that online education is just as good as traditional classroom learning; some even feel it is better. Online degrees cost less then traditional in person degrees. 




  • Instructors that are patient, positive, great communicators, motivational, passionate, and supportive all along the way. 


  • Teachers that are credentialed, experienced, knowledgeable, creative, and that pride themselves on quality learning. 


  • Online Mentors/Coaches that pride themselves on helping you succeed. It is crucial to work as a team, be stress-free, and have fun learning!



Today, Online Learning has become extremely popular and it is continuing to change the way that individuals learn. It allows anyone from anywhere to learn something new and/or acquire a new skill from the convenience and flexibility of their own home. It is quite exciting to be able to try something new from the accessibility and ease of using on own computer, tablet, and/or phone.

Online Courses has caught on and helped with transforming schools, universities, colleges, corporations, and retail chains as well. It is beneficial in helping teachers use new innovative/integrative ways in order to help students become more engaged in their own learning. It also creates new and exciting ways to reach every student. 

We offer Online/Mobile courses, Live Webinars, Recorded Online Courses, Live Streaming Courses, One-On-One Tutoring, Group Tutoring/Workshops, Test Preparation/Academic Learning, College Coaching, Music/Fine Arts Lessons, and Business/Career Coaching, all online as well. Through our innovative online learning platform and online marketplace, students now have access to a variety of learning models and instructors which suits their needs and preferences.


Individuals now have the opportunity to be connected with top instructors, athletes, musicians, celebrities, writers, performers, artists, business leaders, entrepreneurs, photographers, professionals, and much more! Whether it's learning a new language, improving your writing and job skills, learning to bake a cake, changing your fitness habits, improving your personal well-being, studying for a test/certification, painting using pastels, or taking music lessons; students will learn from top instructors in their fields. All of our instructors are motivating, passionate, creative, friendly, helpful, energetic, fun, and will inspire you to learn new things; turning your interests into new exciting passions! 

Whether you are experienced with technology or just beginning, you will have access to a global education. Do you want to learn more about your favorite subject? Start a new hobby or do you simply enjoy learning something new? Through our online courses, you will get the same one-on-one personalization and individual attention needed to achieve accomplishment and fun along the way!  



What You Get...

  • In-Home/Office/ Online/Mobile Instruction and Courses

  • One-On-One Instruction and Group Sessions

  • Real-Time Access From Anywhere/Anytime

  • Global/Distance Learning

  • Easy Flexible Scheduling

  • Individualized/Customized Learning

  • Concierge Level Services

  • Easy Access to Instructors

  • Achieve Your Goals

  • Affordable Sessions/Classes

  • EasCommunication

Who We Are...

  • Premier Access and Guidance through our Online Learning Platform

  • Access to our Online Portal 

  • Experienced and World Class Instructors 

  • Video Conferencing

  • 24/7 Access

  • Proven Results & Success

  • Affordable.

  • Pay Bills Easily

  • Live-Streaming, Webinars, LIVE/Recorded Sessions, and Workshops

  • Innovative/Integrative Technology

What We Do...

  • Positive, Supportive, Motivational, and Fun Learning Environment 

  • Personalized Assistance 

  • Positive Feedback and Support

  • Top Professionals in All Areas

  • Improve Your Skills, Goals, and Knowledge

  • Quick Payment Processing

  • Global Online Marketplace

  • Online Hosting Platform



Start teaching today! Join our team of online course instructors. Create your own live or pre-recorded online course and become a part of a global online marketplace. We give you the tools, platform, market, and support to help you succeed. Share you passion! 

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