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There is no greater gift than experiencing the beauty and passion of the arts. The greatest human gift is to be strong academically, but also to discover the that joy music, dance, theatre, art, visual/performing arts, and the fine arts can bring. All of these areas should be part of the human experience. We should all be open to the new experiences that the arts provides us with; it assists us in being lifelong learners. 

One reason Voyage Academics focuses a special area that is devoted and dedicated to the arts is because we understand the impact it has on our own education and to the human condition. The arts help with self-expression, independence, reflection, self-esteem, motivation, collaboration, self-worth, deep understanding, creativity, imagination, self-confidence, cohesion, cultural harmony, bring inspiration, and creates joy. 

The arts correlate to today's society/reality more than ever. It is imperative that we build the tools needed to be competitive and the arts help us increase our strengths in those areas. Research has suggested that music and the arts help us work better as teams, excel in our studies, further our education, and to evolve our 21st century skills (e.g., problem-solving, appreciating others, cultural heritage/diversity, taking risks, challenging ourselves, etc). It is essential that we still use people skills, problem-solving skills, creativity, and working together; the arts provides this. 

The arts stimulate the whole brain (exercise to the human body). It helps us build a larger vocabulary, as well as achieve higher math/reading comprehension. It has been proven that the arts assists us in engaging our left and right brain; improving memory, differentiating sound/speech, and nourishing the process of learning. According to The College Board, the arts have helped students with higher achievement on standardized tests. It has also shown that it aids in lowering student dropout rates, helping behavior, increasing student attendance, raising student GPA, and many other countless benefits. 

We bring the most experienced teachers and artists, as well as advanced technology. We offer a comprehensive array of courses, private instruction lessons, group lessons, classes, instruction/tutoring in relation to a multitude of subjects/areas related to the arts. We offer instruction, lessons, audition preparation/coaching, college preparation, professional artistry, recording/producing assistance, tutoring, private/group mentoring, and much more! We strive on bringing you the highest form of instruction through the arts by utilizing advanced interactive/integrative technology (online/mobile/in-home courses/classes/tutoring/lessons, live-streaming, webinars, masterclasses, live/recorded classes/courses, and whiteboard. Voyage Academic's mission is to bring you world class experiences in every areas of the arts (e.g., Music, Art, Theatre, Acting, Photography, Dance, Visual/Performing Arts, etc) through experienced and renowned teachers. We provide access for beginner, advanced, and professional students to study under the guidance of internationally renowned teachers, faculty, guest artists, and performers from all over the globe.

What We Offer

Voyage Academics brings you experienced and passionate educators, as well as artists from every area of the arts (Music, Theatre, Art, Dance, and much more!). We bring you innovative methods and technology to bring you to the next level.

In-Home and Online Lessons

Music Music Lessons Piano Guitar Voice Singing Saxophone Bass Music Online Perform Pop Idol Audtion Recording

Private In-Home Lessons

45 Minutes or 60 Minute In-Home Private Lessons or Group Lessons

Lessons in All Areas of the Arts (e.g., Music, Art, Theatre, Dance, and Much More!) Check Out Our Page Above for Details/Info!

Lessons for Kids Music and Kids Mommy and Me Keyboard

Online Lessons

30 Minutes, 45 Minutes, or 60 Minute Private One-On-One Online Lessons or Online Group Lessons

Lessons in All Areas of the Arts (e.g., Dance, Theatre, Art, Music, and More!) Check Out Our Page Above for Details/Info!




  • Private Lessons in the Arts (Instrumental/Vocal)

  • In-Home and Online/Mobile Sessions/Individual and           Group Sessions 

  • Easy Appointments

  • Flexible/Custom Scheduling

  • Quick Access  to Renowned Performers/Teachers/Artists

  • (Classes/Courses/Private           Instruction in Music, Theatre, Acting, Dance, Art, Painting, Photography, and More!

  • All Styles/Levels Welcomed!

College AND PRofessional Artist Preparation

  • Audition/College/Portfolio Preparation

  • Piano Accompaniment

  • Recording/Studio/Producing Assistance

  • Professional Auditions/            Coaching

  • Fast Instructor Communication

  • Track Sessions and Progress

  • Exclusive Portal Access to Your Instructor

  • Premier Masterclasses

  • State/Festival Music Prep (NYSSMA/SCMEA/NMEA/All-STATE)

  • Competition Prep 

Innovative Classes

  • Distance Learning and In-Home Video Conferencing

  • Proven Results and Success

  • Affordable Sessions/Rates

  • Innovative/Integrated Technology

  • Live Learning Platform 

  • Track Sessions and Progress 

  • 24/7 Access to Our Online Portal 

  • Pay Bills Easily/Check Your       Balances

  • Live-Streaming, Webinars, LIVE and Recorded Courses/   Classes/Lessons

  • Online Whiteboard




  • Access to Top Teachers/           Artists/Performers Highly Selected By Us

  • Mentorship/Support

  • Customer Designed Plans       and Approaches

  • Proven Results

  • Positive Learning Environment

  • Vocal/Instrumental Coaches

  • Faculty Emeritus, Guest         Composers, Songwriters,       Faculty/Teachers, Artists,         Composers, Actors, Dancers, Photographers, Painters,       Premier Masterclasses, and   Much More!

  • Custom Designed and Proven Learning Strategies/Plans

  • Easy Learning!

Book An In-Home/Online Session

Instruction in the Arts

Private instruction in a multitude of musical Genres (Classical, Jazz, Broadway, Opera, Rock, Pop, Gospel, Country, Pop, R & B, and Much More! Instructors that use a variety of teaching styles (Kodaly, Orff, Gordon, Dalcroze, Suzuki, Bel Canto Technique, Alexander Technique, Instrumental/Vocal Coaching based on faculty/artists from top-tier performing/visual art colleges and professional venues. Lessons and instruction for beginner through advanced level students, as well as professional artists. 

Arts 1
Arts 2



 Robert Lee Munoz-

Dance Visual Arts Graphic Arts Performing Arts College Prep
  • Highest caliber of Instructors that continue to lead the way in education, art, dance, theatre, acting, painting, performance, dance, visual/performing arts, and technology.

  • Easy to understand, proven methodology, and proven results. Increase your potential and artistry!

  • Qualified, technologically savvy, personalized, patient, kind, organized, motivational, knowledgeable, talented, passionate, and flexible. 

  • Customized learning that is based on a proven educational/artistic model. Custom designed methods and lessons.

  • Face to face instruction, one-on-one instruction, in-home tutoring/lessons, online/mobile instruction, college preparation, audition preparation, portfolio assistance, professional instruction, and more. 

  • Teachers that utilize student-centered learning/instruction. Instructors that are flexible and easy to communicate with. 

  • Experienced and renowned artists and musicians with degrees from top performing/visual arts schools and colleges. 

  • Vocal/Instrumental Instructors and Coaches/Teachers/Composers/Actors/   Dancers/Artists/Painters/Sculptors/ Photographers/Designers/Graphic Artists.

Anchor 1



         MUSIC &




  • Music Lessons    (Instrumental/Vocal)

  • Instrumental Lessons (Brass, Drums/Percussion, Woodwinds)

  • Orchestral/String Lessons 

  • Vocal/Choral Lessons (Broadway, Jazz, Classical, Opera, Rock, Pop, Country,       R R & B and More!)

  • Instruction/Lessons in Music Theory, Conducting, Music History, Sight Singing, Sight Reading, Composing, Arranging, Orchestration, Songwriting, Film Music, Audio/Recording Production, Music Business, Music Technology, Music Education/Teaching Prep, Music School/College Audition Preparation, College Consulting, and Portfolio Prep

  • Acting Lessons (All Styles)

  • Lessons in Musical Theatre, Drama, Literary Drama, Stage Managing, Directing, Poetry, Cultural Arts, Acting Education/Teaching, and Playwriting

  • Lessons in Teaching/Acting Education, Musical Theatre and Acting School/College Audition Preparation, College Consulting, and Portfolio Prep

  • Art Lessons (All Styles)

  • Lessons in Painting, Art, Drawing, Ceramics, Sculpting, Studio Art, Fine Arts, and Conceptual Art

  • Lessons in Teaching/  Art Education, Art School/ College Preparation, College Consulting, and Portfolio Prep




Photography Acting Film Illustration Graphics Design
  • Dance Lessons (All Styles)

  • Lessons in Ballet, Tap, Contemporary, Performance, Swing, Jazz, Concert, Latin, Ballroom, World,  Musical Theatre, and More!

  • Lessons in Teaching/Dance   Education, Dancing School/ College Audition Preparation, College Consulting, and Portfolio Prep

  • Lessons in Graphic Design, Drawing Design, Fashion Design, Decorative Art, Video Gaming, Illustration, Interior Design, Architecture, Industrial Design, Applied Arts, Design, Computer/Web Design, and Much More!

  • Visual and Multidiscplinary Arts School/ College Preparation, College Consulting, and Portfolio Prep


          (Starting At 8 Hours)

  • College Portfiolo Preparation (e.g., Art, Music, Theatre, Photography, Dance, and More)

  • Audition Guidance and Repertoire List Development/Organization 

  • Referrals to Private Instructors/Coaching

  • Resume for the Arts/Specific Program Requirements 

  • Essays/Statements for the Arts/Specialized Programs 

  • Recording/Audio CD Audition Assistance/Guidance for Special Program Areas

Imagine. Create. Express. 

The Arts. 

In our society today, the arts continue to be a powerful tool and are more important than ever. The arts provide us with a way to express ourselves and make sense of the world.

In the classroom and in the field of learning, it has been rigorously explored and documented in relation to the importance of the arts to the educational field. According to NASBE (National Association of State Boards of Education), students that study art are four more times more likely to be recognized for academic achievement. It also contributes to students staying in school, closes the gap between high-low income, promotes creativity, increases social development, produces self-worth, has a positive impact on student attendance, and also increases math/reading skills. The NEA (National Endowment for the Arts and Arts Education) has suggested that art education is associated with many positive long-term academic, social, and workforce benefits. The arts has the ability to have a positive influence from birth all the way through adulthood at any age/level. It continues to have a favorable impact on problem-solving, creative thinking, civic engagement, higher STEM scores and career goals, as well as an increase in volunteering. All of these attributes have a positive impact on the global community. 

Research has suggested that studying in relation to any art form makes it three times more likely that one will earn a bachelor's degree. Unfortunately, today, many of the business leaders of the world feel that a majority of individuals lack the knowledge and experience that the arts helps us with. Many employers feel that an arts education could definitely help prepare the next generation with a creative economy and for individuals to possess the tools and ingenuity necessary to move our economy forward. 72 % of business leaders say that creativity is the number one skills they are seeking when hiring and 74 % of employers would recommend a liberal arts education. The arts contribute roughly $698 billion dollars to the economy; suggesting the power and substantial role the arts continue to play. 

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