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Jason M. Crockett


Jason M. Crockett is the CEO/Founder of Voyage Academics, LLC. As CEO, he leads the way of his educational team, focused on their educational vision. He believes strongly in his dream to progress education forward by providing educational tools, resources, technology, skills, instruction, consulting, tutoring, online learning, test preparation, college preparation, career/business coaching, and a dedication to the arts hat will lead the way to personal success. Voyage Academics sets its goals on offering a comprehensive and interconnected learning platform at its core; solely focusing on individual growth. He feels strongly that education, technology, as well as student-centered learning and instruction are at the forefront in relation to helping every individual succeed. Voyage Academics focuses on providing personalized education that exhibits the tools needed to be ready for the competitive real-world transition from high school, college, and into the job marketplace. He plans on expanding his beliefs, model, and platform throughout the world in order to help each individual discover success and personal growth.

Jason’s proven leadership can be noted based on his experience as an educator. He graduated magna cum laude from Long Island University/CW Post with his Master of Science Degree in Education and a Bachelor of Music Degree in Piano and Vocal Performance. Jason is a resident whom was born and raised on Long Island, New York. Jason is an advocate for the performing arts, as well as an avid performer throughout the metropolitan area. He also possesses substantial experience teaching in the public schools as a middle/high school teacher and choral director. Jason has also performed as a Jazz and Classical pianist/vocalist, performs with his own Jazz quartet, plays the organ, teaches private piano/voice lessons, and is a highly crafted choral and instrumental conductor. Jason has substantial expertise in musical theatre and many of his students have been seen on Broadway, featured films, tv commercials, recorded professionally, and worked with top talent managers, as well as producers. He also has had his educational thesis published in 2010 based on teaching/learning aptitude and instructional skills, as well as on college readiness.  Jason also continues to bring to fruition his innate passion for composing and writing as an author. He is a member of many educational organizations and has been awarded countless awards, as well as scholarships as a teacher and student throughout his academic/instructional pursuits. He prides himself on being a highly trained educator with a vast background in teaching by working with the schools throughout the North Shore, South Shore, Gold Coast, and Hamptons of Long Island. He has also taught college courses at the university level, including; music theory, sight singing, sight reading, vocal pedagogy, piano sight reading, elementary/secondary music methods in teaching, and choral conducting. Jason was also the Academic Graduate Assistant to the Director of Music Education/Department Chairperson where he held many administrative responsibilities and crucial roles while attending Long Island University/CW Post. He extensively worked on research relating to the musical studies of Edwin E. Gordon and his work on music aptitude, stages of music audiation, Music Learning Theory, and rhythm in movement and music.

Jason M. Crockett created Voyage Academics while recognizing that he wanted to help push the educational system forward by evolving how students learn and how teachers instruct through a proven platform. Jason has gained experience in this field by collaborating with top clinicians, educators, and researchers. He has worked endlessly as a teacher, tutor, counselor, entrepreneurial/business coach, college consultant, college instructor, test preparation coach, and researcher to bring his ideas to Voyage Academics, as well as to its students. As his own individual students were excelling and being accepting into top college programs, Jason wanted to bring his visions to life and expand by working with students, parents, teachers, and the global community. He recognized that he wanted to bring fourth an integrated holistic approach to learning, teaching, and education that would transcend into real-world global success.

Jason’s core instructional beliefs are directly centered based on his research, studies, and experience. Voyage Academics’ belief system is structured around the learning theories of Howard Gardner, Albert Bandura, David Kolb, Jerome Bruner, John Dewey, Benjamin Bloom, Jean Piaget, Erik Erikson, Lev Vygotsky, Yrjo Engestrom, and a multitude of others. Jason’s team focuses on integrating a variety of learning approaches within their learning model; student-centered learning/instruction, differentiated instruction, interdisciplinary teaching, self-directed learning, cooperative learning, positive interdependence, humanism, discovery/meaningful learning, expansive learning, constructivism/connectivism, experiential learning/education, 21st century skills, learning styles/preference and many other proven learning strategies. Voyage Academics also wants students and teachers to utilize formal, informal, authentic, and product assessment along with the highest level of educational technology. It is vital that teachers utilize a multitude of learning theories, approaches, beliefs, and educational strategies in order to help each student discover personal growth and achievement.

Unfortunately, Jason’s father battled with long-term Lung Cancer and Congestive Heart Failure and his father inevitably passed away in 2013. This whole heartedly changed Jason’s vision, philosophy, and life forever as a teacher as well as individual. From that moment, it provided him with a chance to reflect on where he was educationally, competitively, financially, and entrepreneurially. He knew that he had to adapt his skills in order to create his own innate vision so that he could be successful as an entrepreneur and educator. Jason knew that education, learning, and teaching was the one area that he wanted to continue to leave his mark on and help evolve into the future. He recognized that success comes from discovering ones individual potential and that sometimes individuals need a hand in connecting their learning, personalities, skills, talents, and gifts in order to bring them to fruition. Abraham Lincoln once stated, “The best way to predict your future is to create it.”

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Bryan D. Crockett


Bryan D. Crockett is the CEO/Founder of Voyage Academics, LLC., a revolutionary new educational company that was founded as a way for students to have access to top instructors who specialize in test preparation, academic  tutoring, college consulting, online learning, the arts, business consulting, and career preparation. His vision was to create an educational company that would excel in teaching, learning, innovation, and creativity which would help students reach their long term goals and their highest potential. The real world job market has changed dramatically and evolved over the years, and it is extremely important that education is focused on the needs of job creators in order to have a highly skilled work force for future generations. Voyage Academics uses modern innovative technology, along with new learning platforms in order to give each learner an integrated and multifaceted learning experience. Voyage Academics focuses on increasing the skills of learners in the critical time between high school, college, and the transition into the modern job marketplace. Mr. Crockett is dedicated to promoting his message on education and continuing the growth of the company in order to reach his vision for all students. He wants to allow them to discover their own dreams and aspirations so that they can continue successfully into the globally connected world.


Mr. Crockett has always had a passion for education and music from an early age, and he has continued his passion for learning and teaching throughout his career. He is from a family of teachers who have all excelled in teaching; they have helped shape his passion for learning and teaching. He graduated cum laude from Long Island University/CW Post with a M.A. in Music History with an emphasis in Percussion Performance, and a B.M. in Music Education and Percussion Performance Degree. He was the Graduate Assistant for the Department of Music where he instructed many college music courses and was the Assistant Conductor of the percussion ensemble.  He also completed his graduate thesis, entitled, "The Connection Between African Percussion Music and the Modern Percussion Composers of Today." In addition, he also performed a graduate recital in percussion performance focusing on the study of African percussion music in modern musical repertoire.  He has also played in many performance groups around New York, New York City, and Long Island. After completing his degrees, he also went on to focus on Mathematics. He finished courses in college level mathematics in order to pursue his passion and interest in Mathematics Education. Bryan has worked throughout his career in education in many school districts on Long Island, and was also a marching band percussion instructor in Nassau County, New York.

Sadly, Mr. Crockett's father passed away in 2013. This helped shape further shape his beliefs and ideas in regards to education and learning. He was able to think about the ideas for this company. Mr  Crockett also wanted to be able to give teachers with a passion for teaching the opportunity to teach in a different way other than with just traditional classroom learning and instructional methods. He believes the ideas of credentialed and top instructors can help give new momentum to the education field and to create new and exciting ideas. He has the passion to help passionate and energetic individuals the chance to have new jobs and to reach their full potential and will employ numerous individuals from many different backgrounds in order to promote the success of the company.

Mr. Crockett created Voyage Academics in order to create an experience that would bring together tutoring, test preparation, college preparation, college counseling, business coaching, the arts, and career coaching in one connected company. His studies in education has helped him learn various theories in education, such as; Cognitive Theory, Constructivism, Humanism, Social Theory and Motivation, Multiple Intelligence Theories, Student-Centered Learning, and Multimodality, all which he believes should be used in various ways in order to have the most success with students. Voyage Academics connects each of these components in order to create a seamless learning experience for each learner. He hopes that all learners will have the chance to succeed and that are passionate and energetic in everything that they do in the future.



"We Work With You To Help You Succeed."

  • Instructors that continue to lead the way in education and technology. Top quality educators in their field. 

  • Easy to understand, proven methodology, and proven results. Increase your potential!

  • Qualified, technologically savvy, personalized, patient, kind, organized, motivational, knowledgeable, and flexible. 

  • Customized learning that is based on a proven learning model. Custom designed methods, lessons, and assessments that lead to increased results/scores. 

  • Face-to-face instruction, one-on-one instruction, in-home/local library tutoring, online/mobile tutoring, college preparation, business coaching/career planning, online courses, the arts, college coaching/consulting. 

  • Teachers that utilize student-centered learning/instruction. Instructors that are flexible and easy to communicate with. 

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