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Voyage Academics connects students with carefully selected instructors that are at the top of their academic fields. We work to create an individualized plan in order to tailor the needs of each specific student and his/her needs. We offer a variety of methods of instruction, including; flexible private one-on-one/face-to-face, group, in-home, local library, and online/mobile tutoring in all subjects/courses. 

Our team uses a multitude of teaching approaches in order to help each student grow academically and achieve success. One of the tools that Voyage Academic's utilizes is its own Summative Growth and Motivation Model (SGMM). The SGMM measures a student growth with each individual teacher. We also offer a learning platform that brings out individuality, motivation, innovation, experience, technology, and creativity. We take pride in offering our students with a personalized and holistic approach to learning. Tutors have been selected based on their expertise in relation to their subject area(s), their knowledge and ability to use a variety of instructional methods to promote growth, and to use their resources in order to connect with all learning styles. Our goal is for each student to be highly successful by using personality matching and the SGMM to find the right instructor based on each individual students own learning preference, personality, and needs in order to reach their highest potential. 



We make it easy to get connected to knowledgeable, experienced, and supportive instructors to help you get to where you want to be. Our support, guidance, coaching, and team effort will help you create, develop, and grow toward success. Our online/mobile coaching and/or private face-to-face/in-home learning platform and sessions will help you get ahead from anywhere in the world. 

Elementary and Middle School 
  • Wilson Reading Program

  • Reading Comprehension

  • English Language Arts

  • Mathematics

  • Phonics

  • Spelling

  • Science

  • History

  • Environmental Science

  • Biology

  • Chemistry

  • Physics

  • Astronomy

  • General Science

  • Anatomy and Physiology

  • English Language Arts

  • World Literature

  • American Sign Language

  • Speech and Communication

  • Literature

  • Writing and Reading 

Foreign Languages
  • Spanish

  • Italian

  • French

  • Russian

  • Hebrew

  • German

  • Latin

  • Mandarin

Test Preparation
  • Test Taking Skills

  • Preparation for Standardized Tests

  • College Exam Preparation

  • Career Exam Preparation

  • High School Exam Preparation

  • College Exam Preparation

Music and Arts
  • Instrumental Music Lessons

  • College Music Audition

  • Professional Audition Preparation

  • Professional Recording Preparation

  • Piano Music Lessons

  • Voice Music Lessons

  • Jazz Music Lessons

  • Music Composition

  • Music Arranging

  • Music Theory

  • Sight Singing

  • Music History

  • Conducting

  • Art Lessons

  • Dance Lessons

  • Swimming Lessons

  • Photography

  • Theater

  • Film

  • Algebra 1

  • Algebra 2

  • Pre-Algebra

  • Geometry

  • Trigonometry

  • Precalculus

  • Calculus

  • Statistics

  • Computer Science

Social Studies/History
  • Global History 1

  • Global History 2

  • US History and Government

  • Government and Politics

  • Contemporary Issues

  • Political Science

  • Psychology

Special Education
  • Speech and Language

  • ADHD

  • Differentiated Instruction

  • Writing Skills

  • Reading Skills

  • Mathematics

  • Autism

  • ESL

Adult Education
  • College Preparation

  • College Placement Exams

  • Writing and Essay Skills

  • Computer Skills

  • Mathematics Skills

  • Cover Letter Writing

  • Resume Skills

Study Skills
  • Homework Help

  • Organization and Coaching

  • Writing Skills

  • Time Management

  • Study Skills

  • Test Preparation

College Courses
  • Mathematics

  • Essay Writing

  • Sciences

  • English

  • Literature

  • History

  • Philosophy

  • Psychology

  • Sociology

  • Political Science

  • Education

  • Theater

  • Music

  • Dance

  • Theater

  • Film

  • Art

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Purchase as many tutoring session hours as you need to succeed. Private Face-To-Face/In-Person tutoring or Private One-On-One Online Tutoring. 

*Group In-Person or Group Online Sessions Available

1 Hour of Tutoring

1 Hour of Flexible Tutoring Package. Buy as many hour sessions that you need. 

5 Hours of Tutoring

5 Hours of Comprehensive Tutoring. 

10 Hours of Tutoring

10 Hours of Intensive Tutoring. 

15 Hours of Tutoring

15 Hours of Ultimate Tutoring. 

30 Hours of Tutoring

30 Hours of Exclusive Tutoring. 

50 Hours of Tutoring

50 Hours of Premier Tutoring. 

What We Offer

-Customized Learning Plans

-Personalized Learning Matching

-Homework Assistance/Test Prep/Exam

Help/Study Skills and Strategies

-In-Home Virtual Video Conferencing

-Access to Practice Exams, Live Learning

Platform, Mobile/Online Videos, Whiteboard, Diagnostic Tests, Practice Exams, and More

-Assistance in All Subject Areas/Courses

-Writing/Essay/Project Help

-Instructors are Knowledgeable in All Grades/Levels/Subject Areas/Learning Styles

-Proven Instructional Model

-Increase Scores, Grades, and Results

-Expand Your Study Skills


-Contact Us

-Let Us Assess/Identify Your Needs

-We Will Create a Plan Together and Utilize Tutoring/Personality Matching

-Schedule Instruction with Flexibility and Convenience 

-Access to Top Tier Instructors with the Modern Educational Technology, Approaches, and Resources

-Freedom to Utilize Our Digital Tools, Parent/Student Portal, Monitor Progress, Computer Diagnostics, Evaluations, Study Resources, and More!

-Discover the Potential and Growth Inside of You

-Access to Education that is Flexible/Affordable

Our Process

Why Us?

-Connect to Global/Experienced Teachers

-Access to Customized and Flexible Learning

-Customizable Based on Your Schedule, Goals, and Personal Situation

-Live Learning Platform that Gives Students/Parents Choice and Control of Your Own Education and Learning

-Leads to College, School, and Academic Achievement 

-The Support, Communication, and Guidance You Need to Succeed

-Instructors that Will Place You on the Path to Confidence, Success, Motivation, and Discovery

-Quick Access to Instructors

Let's Learn. Let's Move Forward. Let's Succeed.

Why Hire a Tutor?

Hiring a tutor provides substantial benefits in relation to the students, parents, public/private schools, the community, as well as the educational system. 

Tutoring and private instruction helps students stay driven toward a path of success, college, overcoming obstacles, tackling challenges, and keeping up with academic changes. Let us admit, learning takes time and it is a building process; it is better to tackle academic difficulties early on. 

Voyage Academics strives to help future generations. We want to create jobs, benefit the community, assist the public/private schools, and evolve the educational system while continuously moving forward in an ever-changing, as well as competitive world and global marketplace. 

Tutoring Can Have a Multitude of Benefits Over Time:


  • Learning is an Evolving Process (It is beneficial to start early and to build over time, identify needs/learning style so one can face challenges positively and easily)

  • Grasp Foundational Concepts that Will Lead to Future Success

  • Learning Homework, Testing, and Study Skill Strategies Can Be Advantageous

  • Building a Mentorship Partnership with a Tutor (Identifying Student Strengths and Weaknesses)

  • Providing Students with Accountability/Progress/Independence

  • Providing Consistent Positive Feedback

  • Planning and Organizational Skills/Time Management Skills

  • Building Role Model Collaboration

  • Developing Innate Motivation, Drive, and Positive Interdependence

  • Identifying Learning Styles/Preferences Early On

  • Developing the Skills to be Academically Competitive and College/Career Ready

The Positive Impact of Tutoring and Online Learning

"A Thriving Reality"

Online learning, tutoring, and private instruction is on the rise and is continuing to evolve, as well as grow at a rapid rate. Learners can reach their potential with enough attention face-to-face. By 2019, 1/2 of all classes will be e-learning based and it has been suggested that it increases knowledge retention by 25-60%.

Over 4, 600, 000 college students take at least one online class and that at least 6, 700, 000 individuals are enrolled in online courses.

77% corporations use online courses, compared to only 4% in 1995 and online learning is estimated to grow at a rate of 14% from 2017-2021

Online learning, tutoring, and instruction offers variety, lower costs, comfortable learning environment, flexibility, and career advancement. This is why the population around the globe is recognizing that it is a richer and more interactive way to learn.

77% of educators believe that online learning is effective and useful in the classroom.

Research and studies have shown that tutoring and one-on-one instruction create a facilitative learning environment for higher level thinking, motivation, structured learning, personal growth, cognitive achievement, self-image/self-concept, increased reading skills, self-designed learning, improved participation, 1-1 attention, increased study habits, independence, and positive behavioral/social skills. 

Tutoring has a history as being a practical tool to improve students' academic achievement in the U.S.  

Personalized instruction and online tutoring creates an advantageous learning environment so that students achieve the academic performance and potential to reach a higher level of learning through all academic areas, as well as subjects. 

Human 1-1 tutoring has been shown to be a very effective form of instruction and that also allows students to take control of their own learning. 

Instructors across the globe feel that tutoring is helpful in achieving objectives, goals, and identifying critical issues early on. Developing skills and strategies early on enables more effective learning. 

Teachers have suggested that private instruction enables active learning, collaborative problem solving, question and answering, deep explanatory reasoning, positive feedback opportunities, error diagnostics, track progress, and an instructional environment that allows them to utilize a variety of sophisticated pedagogical strategies based on each students learning style/personality. 

Various studies have shown that if we determine learning issues early on, there is a higher probability that achievement will increase. Achievement increases when parents, students, and tutors work together in a personalized and attentive partnership. 

The tutoring and online platform demand is on the rise because of the growth in relation to student enrollment, competition, exams, technology, and global changes. 

90% of learners can reach their potential with enough individualized attention. 

Online education and tutoring is on the rise and is going to continue to grow at a fast pace. 


  • Contact Us to Easily Set-Up Tutoring, Hire Your Tutor, Schedule, Sessions, and Be On Your Way to Success

  • Discuss Your Goals with Educators and/or Counselors

  • Flexible/Easy to Schedule

  • Customize Your Schedule to Fit Your Busy Life

  • Connect to Expert Global Teachers


  •  Instantly Connect to Top Instructors/Experts in their Academic Field. Expertly Selected by Voyage Academics Hiring Process

  • Custom Designed Plans

  • Experienced and Tested Approaches

  • Mentorship and Support

  • Results that Lead to Success 

  • Integrated Technology


  • Exclusive Access to Your Instructor Through Our Online Portal

  • Communicate Quickly with Your Instructors/

  • Counselors/Mentors/

  • Directors

  • Easily Pay Bills, Check Your Balance, and 24/7 Access to the Online Portal

  • Student Choice/Be in Control of Your Education

  • Track Your Sessions and Progress

  • Live Learning Platform 

  • Pre-Recorded Courses


  • Flexible In-Home or Online/Mobile Tutoring 

  • Individual and/or Group Tutoring

  • Affordable Hourly Rates/Sessions and/or Packages Are Available

  • Distance Learning and In-Home Virtual Video Conferencing

  • Discover Your Path to Success and Growth

  • A Record of Success and Results 



Start teaching today! Join our team of in-home and/or online instructors. Be an independent instructor; become a part of the community and global online marketplace. We give you the tools, platform, market, and support to help you succeed. Share you passion! 

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