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Individualized or Co-op Learning

Homeschooling Made Simple. 

Homeschooling can be a stress-free learning option. Voyage Academics will guide you through the process. We can help you set-up homeschooling online or in-home in an individualized or co-op/group basis. 

Where to Start? 

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Individual 1-1 or

Co-op Homeschooling

We can help you get started and discuss your needs for success base don the right educational setting for your family. 

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Find the Very Best Educator 

We will personalize and match you with an experienced educator. We will develop a plan to meet the goals of your Homeschooling Needs. 

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Learn from the Comfort of Home or Online

Learn from the safety and comfort of your own home or take it online from home. Socially engage in an interactive academic co-op group or 1-1 individualized homeschooling.

In-Home or Online Homeschooling

  • In-Home or Online 

  • Individual 1-1 or Co-op Group

  • All Subjects/Grade Levels

Experienced Educators

  • Hand Selected Private 1-1 Tutor

  • Flexible and Experienced Instruction

  • Homeschooling Assistance

Support and Guidance

  • Curriculum Selection Guidance

  • Hand-Designed to Meet Your Needs

  • Customized Lesson Plans

  • Experienced and knowledgeable experts to customize your homeschooling needs. 

  • Set-up as many sessions for the grade level/subjects that you need. 

  • Expert tutors that are hired based on our rigorous screening and interview process. 

  • Guidance through the homeschooling process to set you up for success. 

  • Educational growth through progress reports, assessments, personalized guidance, scheduling, interactive instruction, creative lesson plans, and a rigorous curriculum. 

Contact a Homeschooling educational expert today. 


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