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You Graduated With Your Dream Degree, Now What?

College can be an amazing experience. You work hard, you dedicate your life to school, you rack up students loans/debt, you complete an internship, and you are truly excited to enter the real workforce after an amazing graduation. Sometimes, students have a hard time waking up months later after all the dust has cleared and finally reflecting on what to do with their lives now. They ask that tough question to themselves that many of us have had to face, what now? Maybe you have applied to hundreds of job positions or you realize that you may not land that dream job right away. Much too often, individuals have to reinvent themselves. Too many graduates give-up, drop out of the workforce, or go down another path because they need to just make money to start paying back their college debt and have a normal life. No one can blame graduates for this, it can be time consuming and frustrating. One thing a graduate has to do is to discover new ways to transform themselves. Why not take an online class, obtain a certification, volunteer, land an internship, redesign ones interview skills/resume materials, network, make connections, start a business, get involved in a lot of different areas, and be an entrepreneur? Sometimes we have to think outside of the box, revinvent and recreate ourselves, build on the skills that one has, market/network, and become an inspiring entrepreneur. Everyone has the opportunity to grow and redevelop, but sometimes we just have to get that passion back and grab the opportunity that might be right infront of us. Sometimes, we just need a little inspiration and a new fresh perspective.

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