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 "Your Journey Starts Here. Moving Education Forward." 

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Everyone Has The Power To Achieve Great Things.

  • Voyage Academics offers academic tutoring in all subjects and grade levels 

  • Private 1-On-1, In-Home, Local Library, Group, and Online/Mobile Tutoring.  

  • Experienced and knowledgeable Instructors

  • Math Science, Social Studies/History, English, Foreign Language, Test Preparation, Study Skills, Homework Help, Music/Arts, College Courses, and More! 

  • Proven instructional methods, customized learning plans, personalized instructional/learning matching, skills and strategies, learning platform, digital tools/resources, diagnostics/evaluations, and guidance/support 


We have the know-how you need.

Experts in test preparation and in a wide variety  of areas/subjects/certifications/tests. Our experienced, credentialed, and knowledgeable teachers will help you with the SAT, PSAT, ACT, MCAT, GRE, LSAT, GED, GMAT, NYS Regent's/State Testing, Civil Service Exam, The Bar Exam, AP Exams, a College Exam, an Upcoming Test, and Much More!

We pride ourselves on our proven results, teaching methods/strategies, customized lessons/learning plans, personality matching, and learning style diagnostics/evaluation tools. We use all of our guidance, positive feedback, and support in order to help you achieve your goals, increase results/grades, and in order to help you obtain a higher score through study skills, testing strategies, positive feedback, and a proven methodology that works! 


Voyage Academics was founded on the realization of how important it is to get one step closer to your dreams. The college process can be an overwhelming process and it is our mission to help make it easier with our expert and experienced college consultants/coaches. 

We offer a wide variety of resources and options for undergraduates, graduates, doctoral students, medical/law students, preparatory/private school students, homeschooled students, music and arts students, business students, adult learners, international/transfer students, adult college learners, and so much more!

We offer help in the areas of admissions/college counseling, academic advising, college visits/research, college essays/writing, international/transfer admissions, letter of recommendation, college application assistance/advising, academic record review/guidance, extracurricular advising, planning/decision making, financial aid and scholarships/grants, and more! We are here to be an advocate for you so that you can reach your highest goals and individual potential for the future!

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  • Online learning has become extremely popular and a huge benefit. It is flexible, easy, highly useful, accessible from anywhere in the world, and stress-free. What is not to like? Online learning offers us the opportunity to learn something new, from anywhere. Learn a new skill, explore an interest, or to help you advance in your work, school, or obtaining a certification. 

  • Use our online learning platform/portal in order to meet your individual learning style and to select an instructor that works best for you.

  • We offer live webinars, record online courses, live- streaming learning courses, online workshops, online courses, online lessons/instruction, tutoring/test prep online, college coaching online, music/arts online, and career/business coaching right online as well. 

  • Learn a new language, advance your cooking/baking skills, improve your well-being, learn about health and fitness, take a photography course, study an instrument, or why not try painting a masterpiece? We got you covered with our global interactive education that will enable you to learn in an exciting and positive environment from one of our experienced online instructors. Discover your interest!

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We believe strongly in a well-rounded education. The arts gives us a chance to imagine, create, and express within.

We offer classes/courses/lessons that are online/mobile, in-person/face-to-face/one-on-one, privately, in group sessions, in-home, and in masterclasses with our experienced and highly credentialed, as well as talented instructors/artists. 

Now offering courses/classes/lessons in a variety of areas (e.g., Music, Theatre, Dance, Art, Painting, Acting, Musical Theatre, Photography, Design, Film, and Much More!). 

Classes/lessons in the visual arts, performing arts, illustration, opera, voice/singing, composition, audition/college/portfolio preparation, recording/audio production, instrumental lessons, and much more!

  • We understand how difficult it is in today's job market and to be competitive. 

  • We offer Career/Business Coaching in order to help you get ahead and achieve your dreams. We use our knowledge and experience in order to help you create, develop, and expand your business and career; helping to put it toward a path of success and prosperity. 

  • Let us assist with your resume/cover letter writing, career/job searching, networking, interviewing/coaching preparation, web designing/development, branding, marketing/digital marketing, business development, business start-up, business finance, human resources, leadership skills, discovering a trade, job skills, and building an online presence. 

  • We are here to help everyone, from individuals searching for a new job, changing careers, starting out as an entrepreneur, expanding an established business, or transitioning into a new job/career.  We are here through all of your needs in order to lead you to a path of success!


“Jason, the CEO of Voyage Academics has truly changed our sons life. He helped Chris through the college application process from start to finish and assisted him in getting into his dream school. His ability to connect with his students is priceless."


“Voyage Academics has really helped to excel my daughter musically. Her passion and ability in piano, as well as voice has soared. She truly shines because of their personalized attention, knowledge, experience, and passion for teaching."


“Our daughter's passion for music and her growth has transcended from their instruction. Her learning and confidence has soared under their guidance, as well as support. Our daughter looks forward to every lesson and we thank you for giving her a chance to truly shine." 


“From my own personal experience, I would highly recommend Voyage Academics. My granddaughter's improvement has been amazing in only a short time frame. Her teacher has been considerate, intelligent, professional, and inspiring."


"Jason has been a great teacher for both of my daughters. He has a wonderful way of teaching and they both highly respect him. He listens, communicates well with the parents, and adapts based on their individual learning needs. They have really excelled and he is helping them both reach their goals, we could not be happier working with him."


Andrea Lofton

I can't thank the teachers enough at Voyage Academics for their guidance, support, and high quality instruction! My son was able to reach his goals and was accepted into a rigorous college program because of the support that they provided him throughout the process, Their SAT prep was outstanding. 

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Samantha Connor

It was a blessing that I was able to meet the CEO and founder of Voyage Academics. I would not have been able to start my own business without them. They even helped me discover my new favorite hobby with their personalized instruction, painting!

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Michael Kent

I briefly found myself unemployed and lost in my career. Voyage Academics gave me the tools that I needed to succeed. I could not have transformed myself without their help. I now have a successful and growing job because of their career and business coaching. They are truly inspiring!  

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Names of standardized tests are owned by the trademark holders and are not affiliated with Voyage Academics, LLC. 

Voyage Academics does not have affiliation with universities mentioned on its website. 

Voyage Academics connects learners with experts. Instructors and consultants are independent contractors who tailor their services to each client, using their own style, methods, resources, and materials.


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