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Mom Entrepreneurs Empowering Women

Updated: Jan 10, 2018

All of us already know that moms are awesome! Moms more than ever are being creative and inspiring all over the country. Moms already in the workforce and stay-at-home moms are continuously finding new and exciting ways to inspire, as well as utilize their iginuity. Moms are embracing social media, branding themselves, networking, starting their own businesses, and competing for their spot in this economy. So many moms are creating new online and brick and mortar businesses that should be applauded. However, there are also so many moms out there that have great ideas, but do not know where to begin or bring their ideas to fruition. So many moms are strapped for time and have a lot already on their plate. Voyage Academics is going to be offering business coaching and LIVE, as well as pre-recorded courses for mom business entrepreneurs. These courses will be dedicated and designed for working women and stay-at-home moms that want some fresh and new ideas, as well as a few hints on how to bring their ideas to the forefront. Moms will learn strategies for starting their own business, as well as discuss branding, marketing, social media, networking, entrepreneurship, websites, brainstorming, and much more! #Moms #Business #Entrepreneurs #Start-Up #Money #Online #Online Course #Online Class #Course #Class #Education #Teaching #Social Media # Websites #Networking #Branding #Marketing #Mothers #Parents #Jobs #Careers #Create #Women #Employment #Jobs #Work #Workfromhome

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